So I was getting so excited to start updating my blog again for the wakeboarding season and then I went and injured myself. I tore the meniscus in my knee and unfortunately I’ll be out for the the season. So this pretty much means no wakeboarding nor dancing, I pretty much sit at home everyday and bore myself. Otherwise on the good side I am going for rehab and it’s going very well. (with the knee, I’m not on drugs) Hope to be updating this space again soon once I’ve recovered. Otherwise, goodbye for now. x

Keep yourself entertained with this sick picture by Eugene:


Last month on the 22nd and 23rd, I took part in 2011 SADTA National Hip Hop Championships at Grandwest Casino.

I was there along with the rest of my studio, Dance Like This. Overall our studio received wonderful results. There were dancers entered in many categories and Dance Like This managed to place in almost every one of them.
I too managed to get myself a medal as my partner, Jerne Lee and I took 3rd place in the 16&Over amateur duo section. Along with this our formations group also placed 4th in the championship section. 


Overall I’m very proud of the studio and all our dancers. Its now time to practice for our end of the year demo. Make sure to attend as its going to be a great show with many surprises. 

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On the 10th of September I was kindly invited to go ride at Wet&Wild that took part at Emerald Resort & Casino ( The Vaal River). The event was a huge success, the weather was great and the place was packed with crazy people.

The event started early at 11am and only ended the next morning at 4am. The wakeboarding was part of the entertainment at the event and was an invite only contest. The riding was sick and kept the audience entertained for the day. Although the riding was mostly for the entertainment I still managed to claim third place in the comp and took away some great prizes.

1st – Gina Faccio
2nd – Deidre Van Niekerk
3rd – Candice Bacon

All in all, the contest was awesome but I can’t leave out how great the party was. There was sick DJ’s and lightning. that placed was packed and the vibe was just great. I wont lie, i met some of the coolest people that live on this planet and they really brought the party.

All photos by Anthony Churchyard


Dearest Blog, I must apologize for abandoning you for quite sometime. But I’m here to make it up to you and have some great news.

On the 20th of August, I took part in the International Eisteddford of the Performing Arts. I took part in 3 different Hip Hop sections and managed to receive some impressive (unexpected) results. Although I must say, the judges were awfully strict with there adjudication.

The first section I took part in was an own choice solo. Which generally means, a solo, my own choreography music and style. And hard work payed off as I took 1st place and will be competing in the finals.

The second section I competed in was a set solo. That just means that you learn a dance thats already been made and try dance it to the best of your abilities. The adjudication in this section was extremely strict as they didn’t even award a third place. Although, I did manage to claim 2nd place with a honours.

                                       All the Set solo's and Duo's

The last section i took part in was with a small group. Because we were in amateur section we were the only group in this section. Although, the 216, definitely brought some amazing dancing to the floor and we will be competing in the finals . I couldn’t be any prouder on that performance. 
So all in all I think I can be satisfied with my outcome. I will be competing in the finals on the 2nd and 3rd of September and will be sure to keep the blog updated. 

Until then, peace.

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I recently completed my years dancing examination on the 18th of June 2011. 

I successfully finished my Grade 6 in dancing last week and received my results earlier this week. I’m quite impressed with the results I received, although I missed a distinction by 1%.

I got 89% which means I received a HONORS and pass to Grade 7. I’m real pleased with the result although that extra 1% would’ve been nice. But I guess I must just work harder for distinction next year.

Overall results:
100%      New Skool
94%        Basic B-Boy
90%        Pop & Lock
100%      All Style 
87%        Prop Routine
86%        Dance    

My examiner: Karen Freeman
Theatre Dance Association


South African Cable Nationals 2011

On the 7th and 8th of May we flew up to Johannesburg for Wakeboarding Cable Nationals 2011. The event was hosted at Warmbaths Resort in Bela Bela. The whole event was organised so well and everyone had a great time. 


We arrived there on the Friday and all registered and booked into our chalets. We then went over to the cable to practice. While practicing we made some time to go over to the warm water slides and pools. Our practice ended round 6 and then everyone headed over to Spur to get free supper. After supper we jammed in the warm pools and then went to bed.

Saturday then arrived and it was qualify day. Everyone had fun getting their turn to sesh. The run consisted of one lap were you rode and filled it with tricks, you also receive one pick up. I had quite a lame ride and fell twice in my run. Although i still managed to qualify. Saturday night was quite a jol and we all went out and swam.

Sunday was finals day. We all had to get up nice and early and make our way down to the cable. The whole day was great fun but when we got to the pro men division the pressure was on. They did finals a little different for the men this time. They used one of Liquid Forces great couches and you had to beat the rider ahead of you to claim the couch. 

The finals came to an end and we then had prize giving. I was pleased to find out I made podium along with Melissa and Lia. I took third place in Pro Ladies. Im really stoked with all the results I’ve received this season but its sad to say that the season is now officially over and its time to start shredding in wet suits and rain. 


The SAWBA hosted the First Annual Wakeskating Comp in South Africa on the 18th of March. The event took place at Bon Esperanza, a custom-built waterski dam which is only 650m long and 45m wide. The official tow-boat of the event was the MB Sports. 

Before the competition I hadn’t wakeskated behind a boat before, but i was up for a challenge and some sick riding. The whole event was well organised by Dale Nieuwstad, making sure everyone was having a good time. And the he definatly got that right
Candice Bacon 

• Wakeskating :)                                                                                 • Ladies lounging around waiting to ride

I surprised myself and actually did well in the comp and managed to get podium. I took second place in the Ladies division. Candice Bacon 

• From left to right. 3rd Melissa Colborne; 1st Jess Nieuwstad; 2nd Candice Bacon (me)

The whole event had a sick vibe and was great fun. Dyl has put together a video of the free riding:

Dale’s Blog: http://dalefish.tumblr.com
Dylan’s Blog: http://dylanmitchell.tumblr.com 


This year I tried something new in the wakeboarding world and took part in South Africa’s 2011 Pro Tour. I travelled to many lakes and dams within South Africa for the past 3 months to take part. Although I don’t really do boat wakeboarding it was the sweet giving it a go…

This was my first pro tour but I’ll definitely take part again next year. The SA Tour is probably the best way to start your year. Its all about the fun and that’s really all that matters. Whether you do well or not, its having fun that counts. And I can definitely say I had the time of my life.

Other than having fun, I also took away some sick results..

SA Pro Tour Stop 1
The first stop of the tour was hosted at Germiston Aquatic Club on Victoria Lake. There was a surprising amount of new riders. Its always great to see the sport building. This stop put a great beginning to the tour. I took part in the Pro Ladies division along with two of South Africa’s top riders and more lovely ladies. I managed to place 3rd on the podium in ladies. I did take 1st in junior ladies, although we cant open the division as there isn’t enough young girls.

SA Pro Tour Stop 2
The 2nd stop was hosted by Liquid Force and Hyperlite along with Vaal Nautiques supplying us with a boat. I wont be the only one saying this… This was by far my favourite stop of the overall tour. It was held at the Rivieria Aquatic Club. I was very impressed with the outcome of this comp. There wasn’t a big change in podium at this stop although the two top riders changed places and I took 3rd in Ladies again. And again 1st in Juniors.

• Gina Faccio; Deidre Van Niekerk; Candice Bacon (me);              • Not to sure but think im trying a 3 
  Tamerin Liebenburg; Jess Joesph 

• CAPE TOWN SHREDDING!!                                                           • Deidre enjoying her win   

SA Pro Tour Stop 3
This stop was hosted far out of Johannesburg in Vrede. It took place on the lake in the Emanzini Resort. We were towed behind the Master Craft X-star. I was extremely stoked with my results at this comp as I took 2nd in pro ladies and then again a 1st in juniors.

• 2nd Candice Bacon (me); 1st Deidre Van Niekerk; 3rd Tamerin Liebenburg

 SA Pro Tour Stop 4
Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the competition in my hometown as I had dancing nationals in JHB. I didn’t manage to receive any points at this stop but my ranking at this point was 2nd.

SA Pro Tour Stop 5
This stop was once again hosted at Germiston Aquatic Club. Sadly I didn’t have the best ride at this stop. Im not sure of any placing at this competition but I still managed to stay in the top 3 of the tour. Bad ride and all I still had a great time!

Overall in the tour I managed to take 3rd in Pro Ladies. And for junior ladies I took 1st. This is probably the best results I could ever ask for. It was sad seeing the pro tour come to end but I guess its time to do some training and go for it again next year. The tour was great fun and I definitely made a good bunch of homies.

peace. x




Last year December, I was most fortunate to be chosen to go on The Salt Water Girl Experience, along with another 10 girls. We were all flown up from different parts of the country to King Shaka Airport in Durban. We were pampered and treated like royalty and the best part of it all.. ALL EXPENSES PAID.

 So basically, I went to Durban for a week, met new people, did things I’d never think of doing while having the time of my life, not even spending a cent. And not to forget, I had my bestie, Melissa with me.

Day 1
6 December 2010
I was up early and made my way to Cape Town Airport where I said my goodbyes and headed over to Durban. Once I landed there, I immediately noticed the SWG staff waiting for me and the rest of the girls. I was quite nervous just wondering what it was going to be like. But that was all forgotten the minute I stepped through those sliding doors. I was welcomed and everyone was so friendly. By the time we got on the bus to go to the hotel, we were all chatting away and getting to know each other. We drove to the Royal Palm Hotel in Umhlanga and checked into the Penthouse suites. Yes, Penthouse. We were all assigned to our rooms and once we got to rooms wow were we surprised. Our beds were filled from top to bottom with sponsored things. From then on, I knew for sure this was going to be one gooooooood week.


  • Our Beds with all our things                                                        • The Royal Palms Hotel

After all of this excitement, we headed over to the Riverside Spa in Umhlanga where we were treated to facials, massages, mani’s and pedi’s. We were also provided with an amazing lunch and smoothies.  After all that treatment we got our makeup done for an underwater photo shoot.  That was great fun, even with the cold water. We then headed back to our hotel to have supper and get some rest.


  • Getting make up done (not cool)                                                     • During the underwater shoot

Day 2

7 December 2010
We were supposed to get up bright and early to go for a morning yoga session although those plans were ruined by the rain. I won’t lie, that was probably the best news yet, MORE SLEEP. Fortunately the weather cleared up abit after breakfast and we headed down to beach for some surfing. We were coached by the staff of Roxy Learn to Surf. I think all the girls managed to get up eventually. The water is definitely warmer in Durban than here in Cape Town. After surfing we went over to Gateway to ride in the XD Experience. The XD experience may only be 5 minutes long but wow, it was fun. We didn’t leave Gateway just yet, we made sure to get some shopping in.

  • Taking a casual surf                                                                 • Enjoying lunch at Kauai

Day 3
8 December 2010
We got up really early to have a yoga session in one of the parks nearby. Yoga is different, but it was quite relaxing seen that we didn’t get much sleep. After yoga we went for some breakfast and then went over to uShaka Marine world to go scuba dive. We arrived there and received wetsuits and scuba gear. We got to scuba dive in the actual aquarium… WITH SHARKS. After that amazing time we all had to man up and do an elevator jump on a 40 story building at South Beach. You get pulled up to the top of this building, once you at the top you can see the whole of Durban and you hang at the top there for at least a minute and then all of a sudden you get dropped back down to the surface! After get our sense of gravity back we had a sick lunch at Kauai. After lunch we got pampered with makeup and then went to watch movies. (I was so tired I slept through the whole movie)

  • Early morning yoga                                                                    • Melissa being lifted up the building

 • Heres a short video of the elevator jump. Yes, i took my camera up with me :) 

Day 4
9 December 2010
This morning we checked out the Royal Palm Hotel and checked into the Riverside Hotel. We started off our day with a mission to find dolphins. Although we didn’t manage to see dolphins, the sea was to rough. Instead we made the best of it and had the sickest boat ride ever. We were all seated on a rubber duck and were told to hold on. (Note to self: if people tell you to hold on its going to be a bumpy ride, DO IT!) After this bumpy ride we went over to the South Coast to face one of the highest gorges in the world, Oribi Gorge. Once we got there the nerves grew as we were told we were going to jump of this 200m gorge. Many of us managed to face the fear and do it. It was probably the scariest thing I’ve done in my life but it was probably the best thing I’ve ever experienced!

  • Just as I jumped                                                                        • Melissa after her jump, waiting to be lifted

Day 5
10 December 2010
Today we went down to Giba Gorge in Kloof. Here we had a day filled with activities and things to do. Including mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling, courses and more. We also got to experience the amazing forest on horseback. After this tiring day we went back to our hotel where we met two of the ladies also involved in the magazine. We got a motivational talk from Madz and spoke to the Editor, Candice. (yes we share the same name) We ended our day with a huge dinner at the Riverside Hotel.

  • All the ladies being put the test on the obstacle courses

Day 6
11 December 2010
This ay was probably the worst day of them all. It was the day our experience came to an end. We all had breakfast and then got interviewed about the things we enjoyed most. After the interviews we got all packed up and made our way back to the airport. When we arrived at the airport it was time for goodbyes. Although I knew the goodbyes weren’t forever. We all made friendships that will last forever. The Salt Water Girl Experience put a wonderful end to my year.

  • Melissa and I saying goodbye to the wonderful times we had…


You can also read more about the whole trip in the Saltwater Girl Magazine. There is a 6 page article about it :) you can also check out the SWG website. http://swg.co.za